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I am an artist based out of Dallas, Texas.  I have experience with everything from polymer clay, acrylic painting, drawing and floral design. I love spending my free time with my husband Seth and my friends. I enjoy creating new and fun interesting works of art. We have two cats Biscuit and Gravy and a brown Boston Terrier named Waffles.  I am a big fan of rainbow sprinkles, succulents, sharpies, all flowers, and Big Red is my fuel for life. 

I received my Associates of Arts from Richland College and I am now pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at the University of Texas in Arlington.

I get most of my inspiration from one of my favorite artists Theo Ellsworth. I always love using LOTS of color and I would best describe my art as vibrant and animated.

I'm looking for opportunities to use my creativity and develop professionally so if you like what you see, let's talk!

Skills —Graphic design, Floral Design, Polymer Clay, Acrylic & Oil Painting, Drawing.


"It's good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new, weird way."      -Tim Burton